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25 eur - double kayak

25 eur - single sea kayak

15 eur - SUP

50 eur - team SUP

What can you do when on a lazy weekday evenings or weekends your mind daydreams about adventures but you're stuck in between the city walls? Come visit us at Rigas Laivas at Andrejosta Yacht Club and discover the views of Riga from a completely different angle. Bring your friends, wife, husband, children, dogs, and take our kayaks or SUP boards to explore the inexhaustible rhythm of the Riga Canal. On your way, greet captains of small boats, or people chilling on the sides of the canal. On hot days, take a refreshing paddle trough in the canal fountains or watch the rays of the playful rainbow in them. Meet the famous beaver of the Riga canal somewhere along the way - people tell us that he is most often noticeable at the Latvian National Opera listening to opera arias. As you approach the turn of the market canal and kayak under the Stockmann shopping center, encounter a completely different Riga - a bit gray, bustle, industrially romantic, then slide into the open Daugava and enjoy the Old Town panorama. In the evenings, you can enjoy the most beautiful and brightest sunsets overlooking the Railway, Akmens, Vansu bridges. Sometimes they are a smoky golden, other times they glow in fiery pink tones, take our breaths away. Those little moments of life are the most memorable.

Next, as you slip peacefully through all the adventures of sound, color, urban silhouettes, you slowly return to Andrejsala. Paddle past giant ferries at the Riga Passenger Port, which is in itself a thrilling feeling. If you have enough energy, row across to AB Dambis and view the entire Old Town panorama from the other side of the Daugava.

It is possible to turn the same route into a nightly adventure, illuminated by Riga city lights.






30 eur - double kayak

30 eur - single sea kayak

Our Zunda canal route will allow you to explore two Daugava canal in one trip. The Zunda canal, or Zund, starts at Agenskalns bay, but at the beginning of our route, you will pass through the urban bustle of the Riga City canal, then cross beautiful Daugava river to AB Dambis, where you will come across to quite another Riga. Peaceful, quiet, a bit robust.

Until the 1930s, several shipyards and boat repairs were located on the shore of the Zunda canal, and as you pass by, you still can see their historic remains. After paddling around Kipsala, you will come across Daugava river again and to return back to our base in Andrejosta you may have a little extra challenge to fight with some upstream waves. 






30 eur - double kayak

30 eur - single sea kayak

*80 eur - transport back

This route will take your breath away. Enter the Daugava river and row to the Riga Commercial Port, where you will see spectacular industrial cranes and giant cargo ships, which will make you feel extremely small rowing past in a small kayak. The harbor never stops working, it's always so busy. In the parts of the day when the sun reflects on the metal surfaces of giant ships and cranes, it gives you a feeling of some mysterious romance. After the harbor, paddle through Sarkandaugava to the Shipyard, where the next surreal sight awaits with massive ships towed out on the dry docks, the relentless bustle, and busy sounds of endless work. 

Then you slide into the waters of lake Kisezers, where the peace, the sounds of the birds, the greenery and the soothing waves of the lake will take over. This is a great place for bright sunsets.


The route ends at Cabo Cafe, but if you have the desire, you can challenge yourself and row all the way back to Andrejosta.


* for transport 1 to 6 boats, this must be specified when booking the kayaks.






30 eur - double kayak

30 eur - single sea kayak

Riga is amazing. It is so diverse and the feeling that you have escaped from the city can be caught even without driving out. Take a kayak and explore the three islands of Riga. First, go through the City canal, then enter the vast waters of the Daugava, and paddle into the amazing peace of the Maza (Little) Daugava, where you can find some hidden gems. To the left, there's is a beautiful peaceful oasis - Riga Wake Park base, which is overseen by Latvian Television building behind it. On your right is the Lucavsala Holiday Park, one of the favorite spots in Riga to chill out, picnic and spend active days in the city. Then you head towards the slightly deserted, greenery of Zakusala with its tall Television Tower in the middle of it, on the right, you will see the urban Kekava grill park with more than one graffiti, including a monument to the defenders of Lucavsala. As you paddle around Lucavsala, head inside Biekengravis canal, where you can observe the peculiar charm of Lucavsala garden houses and slip further beneath the lively Mūkusala circle. Kayak along out national library Gaismas Pils and the AB Dambis, enjoy the beautiful view on the Old Town from the other side of Daugava and then head back to us on Andrejsala, or extend the route and take a trip through the Zunda canal.






30 eur/12h - double kayak

30 eur/12h  - single sea kayak

35 eur/12h - SUP

80 eur/12h - TEAM SUP

Go anywhere you want! Come to Andrejosta, pick up our inventory and go on your own adventures.

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