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Double kayak with an open deck is stable and suitable for two or one paddler. A child or a dog can be seated in the middle if desired. Maximum kayak load 290kg


25 eur - 3 h

30 eur - 6h-12h


Single sea kayak. Slick and with a great pace will appeal to those who want to paddle quicker. To use this kayak you must have a previous experience.

Available in M (up to 90 kg) and L  (105 kg) sizes


The kayaks are equipped with a rudder.


25 eur - 3 h

30 eur - 6h-12h


We offer 3 types of single SUP boards:

Hard boards for riders up to 80 kg,

inflatable RED paddleboards for up to 120kg and solid BIC epoxy smoothboards for experienced riders

10 eur - 1h
15 eur - 3 h

30 eur - 6h


Team SUP board is ideal for a group of up to 7 people or a family, but if your team is bigger then you can easly choose two or more team boards.


50 eur - 3 h

50 eur - 6h

80 eur - 12h

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