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Rigas Laivas has been paddling through the city's canals and waters since 2010. The idea came from visiting friends in Holland and staying there in the city, looking for some fun activities to do, we found an option to kayak trough city's canals. The idea seemed great and we thought this would be great in Riga too. There are so many exciting waterways worth visiting in our city - the wide Daugava, various urban canals, and the beautiful Kisezers.

We started our Riga Laivas with six boats back then. The base was located in a creative hub - Andrejsala Peldosa Darbnica (Floating Workshop). At that time there was also the office of our company Luzumpunkts. To these kayaks quickly joined two used sea kayaks all the way from the Norwegian fjords. As the creative environment of Andrejsala changed, Rigas Laivas moved to the Andrejsosta Yacht Club. Here the place allows kayaking in any weather since the entrance to the city canal is not disturbed by the wind. We find ourselves paddling through early spring to late autumn and sometimes in winter too. 


With the time inventory of our kayaks grew and SUP boards joined the family too. We chouse our inventory carefully and all that we have we really love to use ourselves. Rigas Laivas has grown so close to the Luzumpunkts team that it is an integral part of our everyday life. When the office team is burred in the work, going for a paddling with kayaks or SUP at the lunchtime, serves as a little gateway, helps to clear head.  


Rigas Laivas brings us and other people closer to our city, they let explore Riga from a different perspective. And no matter how many times a route has been kayaked, it always gives you the opportunity to rediscover something new. We are pleased that Rigas Laivas themselves makes this city more colorful and creative.


Par to, kas notiek laivās

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